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  1. Joulude puhad /estonii/

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  2. Korea in Focus.

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  3. Madagascar /english/

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  4. Major dates of US history /english/

    1000 Viking raider Leif Ericson discovers North America (Newfoundland) calls it Vinland.1492 Christopher Columbus discovers Caribbean islands 1497 John Cabot, an Italian seaman employed by England, reaches and explores the Canadian coast.1565 St Augustine founded by the Spanish in Florida.1585, 1587 Sir Walter Raleigh sends two groups of people to settle in Virginia 1607 Colonization of North America begins with the establishment of the first permanent English colony Jamestown in Virginia.1613 Virginia settlers start growing tobacco for sale, give up searching for gold 1619 The first group of 20 African slaves brought to North America.1620 The Pilgrim Fathers establish their colony at Plymouth 1624 Census shows only 1275 survivors out of nearly 10000.1626 New Amsterdam founded by the Dutch.1664 New Amsterdam captured by the British and renamed New York.1691 The Boston colony with the Plymouth colony combine under the name of Massachusetts 1733 Georgia, the last thirteenth British colo...
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  5. Mass media in Great Britain

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  6. Motivation \english\

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  7. Motivation: Reward system and the role of compensation /на англ./

    Human Resource MANAGEMENT УMotivation: Reward system and the role of compensationФ Student: Anton Skobelev, IBS-855 Teacher: Kartashova L. The design and management of reward systems present the general manager with one of the most difficult HRM tasks This HRM policy area contains the greatest contradictions between the promise of theory and the reality of implementation Consequently, organizations sometimes go through cycles of innovation and hope as reward systems are developed, followed by disillusionment as these reward systems fail to deliver. Rewards and employee satisfaction Gaining an employeeТs satisfaction with the rewards given is not a simple matter Rather, it is a function of several factors that organizations must learn to manage: 1 The individualТs satisfaction with rewards is, in part, related to what is expected and how much is received Feelings of satisfaction or dissatisfaction arise when individuals compare their input job skills, education, effort, and perform...
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