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  1. Hobby - Travelling /english/

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  2. Holidays \English\

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  3. How to negotiate effectively /на англ./

    How TO Negotiate Effectively 1 What is negotiation Negotiation is an essential part of the every-day business life It can take place at any time and in any place Negotiation is a kind of meeting, but contrary to the latter it may be held in some unexpected and uncomfortable place such as the street or on the stairs. There are several definitions of negotiation It is said to be Уthe process for resolving conflict between two or more parties whereby both or all modify their demands to achieve a mutually acceptable compromiseФ Thus, it is Уthe process of changing both partiesТ views of their ideal outcome into an attainable outcomeФ. The need of negotiation arises when we are not fully in control of events Negotiations take place to handle mutual differences or conflict of: interests(wages, hours, work conditions, prices: seller vs buyer) rights(different interpretations of an agreement) The aim of a negotiation is to come to an agreement which is acceptable to both sides, and to prese...
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  4. Ideas on how to promote clean cars /english/

    Globe International president Takashi Kosugi established a Subcommittee on Low Emission Vehicles in his political party in February this year On June 2.2, the committee released an intermediary report with proposals on how the government could promote the use of low emission vehicles The committee will put pressure on the Japanese government to take action along those lines Chaired by Kosugi, the committee has 25 members.The report cites Californian legislation as one reason for the Japanese government to facilitate a breakthrough in electric vehicle development From 1908, California will require over 2 percent of all cars sold in the state to be 100 percent emission free The requirements will progressively rise By the year 2003, more than 10 percent of cars must be of a zero emission type.Low-emission vehicles are still expensive and not satisfactory in terms of the distance they can run per charge Many problems also remain with the technology of batteries, one problem being that the...
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  5. Impact of Evolution on Human Thought

    Farid Gazizov Impact of Evolution on Human Thought Evolution Evolution by definition of Webster dictionary is a gradual development of simple matters into more complex When most of the people hear УevolutionФ it associates with development or history of the earth History of the earth compiles of gazillions of steps The very first step in our history is a birth of the earth, which took place over 4 billion years ago. УPowerful telescopes reveal new stars coalescing from galactic dust, just as our sun did more than 4.5 billion years ago The earth itself formed shortly thereafter, when rock, dust, and gas circling the sun condensed into the planets of our solar system Fossils of primitive microorganisms show that life had emerged on earth by about 3.8 billion years ago (Teaching about evolution and the Natural of Science, ch 1).Ф Many people throughout the centuries have been trying to find explanations to the questions like: Why are surrounding us things the way they are?; why some t...
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  6. Impact of evolution on human thought

    Farid Gazizov Impact of evolution on human thought Testosterone For a long period of time humans could not answer the question of what makes a man, a man, and a women, a women As was recently found main difference is not just in presence of genitals Probably one will ask why? The answer is that genitals themselves are indirect products of another matter The name of this matter is testosterone. УTestosterone is a hormone that stimulates sexual development in male human beings It belongs to a family of hormones called androgens Primarily the testicles, a part of male sex glands, produce androgens The ovaries in females and the adrenal glands in both sexes also yield small amounts of testosterone and other androgens (The world book encyclopedia).Ф In its earliest crucial functions, in developing embryo, testosterone play the key role in telling the cells of the genetically male embryo to develop as a male It is amazing, but all human embryo begins as females for the first few weeks of...
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  7. International company Middlesex

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