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  1. Adam Smith /на англ./

    Russian Economic Academy NAMED After G V PLEKHANOV International Business Studies Adam Smith Student: Anton Skobelev Group: 855 Moscow 1997 After two centuries, Adam Smith remains a towering figure in the history of economic thought Known primarily for a single work, An Inquiry into the nature an causes of the Wealth of Nations (1776), the first comprehensive system of political economy, Smith is more properly regarded as a social philosopher whose economic writings constitute only the capstone to an overarching view of political and social evolution If his masterwork is viewed in relation to his earlier lectures on moral philosophy and government, as well as to allusions in The Theory of Moral Sentiments (1759) to a work he hoped to write on Уthe general principles of law and government, and of the different revolutions they have undergone in the different ages and periods of societyФ, then The Wealth of Nations may be seen not merely as a treatise on economics but as a partia...
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  2. Agriculture of USA /english/

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  3. Alaska /english/

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  4. Alcohol and the Workplace /english/

    Alcohol and the Workplace Drinking among U.S workers can threaten public safety, impair job performance, and result in costly medical, social, and other problems affecting employees and employers alike Productivity losses attributed to alcohol were estimated at $119 billion for 1995 (1) As this Alcohol Alert explains, several factors contribute to problem drinking in the workplace Employers are in a unique position to mitigate some of these factors and to motivate employees to seek help for alcohol problems. Factors Contributing to Employee Drinking Drinking rates vary among occupations, but alcohol-related problems are not characteristic of any social segment, industry, or occupation Drinking is associated with the workplace culture and acceptance of drinking, workplace alienation, the availability of alcohol, and the existence and enforcement of workplace alcohol policies (2,3). Workplace Culture. The culture of the workplace may either accept and encourage drinking or discourage ...
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  5. Alcoholism: Drinking /english/

    International Independent University of Environmental and Political Sciences (IIUEPs) Drinking: Alcoholism Done by: Alexander V Myskin Group 201 Advisor: Zorina L B. Moscow 2001 Drinking: Alcoholism Getting the Facts For many people, the facts about alcoholism are not clear What is alcoholism, exactly? How does it differ from alcohol abuse? When should a person seek help for a problem related to his or her drinking? This information will explain alcoholism and alcohol abuse, symptoms of each, when and where to seek help, treatment choices, and additional helpful resources. A Widespread Problem For most people, alcohol is a pleasant accompaniment to social activities Moderate alcohol use-up to two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women and older people (A standard drink is one bottle of beer or wine, one glass of wine) is not harmful for most adults Nonetheless, a substantial number of people have serious trouble with their drinking Currently, nearly 30 million R...
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  6. Aral Sea - What Was and What Is

    Aral SeaЧWhat Was and What Is Since the very beginning of its existence, the human being has been developing It has never stopped, and it never will During the last couple of centuries it has been developing very aggressively, and it has reached tremendous achievements in all fields Unfortunately mankind has achieved tremendous success in polluting its environment also Nowadays, nature is missing many of its inhabitants: Ц those who are supposed to be under the protection of humans as young brothers and sisters Pollution was the reason for their extinction Finally, the humanity started paying more attention to what surrounds it It started thinking about the future, its future generations, and the inheritance to these generations People have started asking themselves more often questions like, УWhat will we have left to other children after us?Ф Currently, humanity has plenty of global environmental problems that it has to take care of now Tomorrow will be too late Some of these globa...
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  7. Argentina /english/

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